Sunday, December 30, 2007

Indianapolis Colts Bite the Dust

As an NFL fan, I have to say one of the best games of the past ten years was last night's game where the New England Patriots and New York Giants played their hearts out for what is a so-called meaningless game. Thank you for a great game.

On the other hand, I hope the Indianapolis Colts bite the dust in their first playoff game for playing such a paltry, paltry game. They deserve to lose right away. And if the gods of football are fair, they will destroy the Colts in their first playoff game.

I really hate seeing any team give away a game the way the Colts did. If I were the Tennessee Titans and had any pride left, I'd give the Cleveland Browns the last playoff spot.

The Dallas Cowboys also phoned in their game, but at least they played some of their starters through more of the game. Still sad. I do hope that the Cowboys also lose right away.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Happy New Year's: 100 Times a Year and More!

I wish you a happy new year. But if you fail to celebrate the new year on January 1st, you have more than 100 other new year's days you can celebrate. For details on those, see